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Site Selection For Franchise Success

Whether you are a franchisee, area developer or franchisor, we can provide your real estate needs.

If you are opening a restaurant, dry cleaner, health club, day care center, hair salon, or any use at all, contact Cornerstone Commercial Associates and we will guide you down the path to business success.

We can service as your complete “real estate department” – all this is performed at no cost to the tenant.

  • Meet with you and franchisees to help them better understand the process of determining future store locations.
  • Network with the brokerage community to improve the quality and number of potential future store location submissions.
  • Coordinate with Franchisor and Area Developers for trade show booth representation.
  • Travel and inspect all potential new store locations for corporate approval.
  • Meet with your team on a regular basis to facilitate the determination of potential future area store expansion.
  • Provide Franchisor with a standard site submission package.
  • Provide Franchisor with a standard Letter Of Intent to include Vanilla Shell Box criteria.
  • Facilitate in the Letter of Intent negotiations.
  • Review all leases prior to submission for legal review.
  • Develop a Site Tour and Tour Booklet for Franchisee

Whatever It Takes

In addition to the above services, we have a list of attorneys, who will provide lease review; architects, who will design the store and contractors to provide competitive bids and quick build-outs.

We Work For You

We view our services as a natural extension of your company. We are not seeking to replace anyone but rather to enhance your company’s ability to provide the best level of service to its Area Developers and Franchisees.

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Our brokers' intimate knowledge of the market and special relationships with property owners, major tenants and investors gives our clients the edge when leasing, selling or purchasing assets.


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